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In just over a week 17 bands and people from all over the UK, Europe and as far away as the States will head to Hastings for our Mearfest at the Carlisle Rock Venue.
They are coming because of one person.
A baby. A baby that never lived outside her mothers womb.
That tiny baby has achieved amazing things and raised significant funds and awareness in a very short time. Mollys story.. mearfest.org

I ask you then if you are attending to come and remember her. Wether you are performing or helping out or just calling in for a pint over the Friday and Saturday.
Please come and help us. Without you we are nothing. When we turned our tragedy into Mearfest we did it out of desperation to be honest. We had to create some purpose some goodness , some thing positive out of such crippling loss. Dress Affordable cocktail collections of lace
And with your help we have done that and continue to do that . We need you all and your friends and your family, your neighbours your collegues your loved ones.
See you all next week and Thankyou. Xx