Dress Affordable mint green color items dressed by bridesmaid on sale

Big shout out to the fellow artists, friends and supporters, we hope you have a safe, fun and frivolous time out there on the hot dusty paddock this year - Wrongtown has had a great run of 7 years with much Lols, spilled glitter, bad music, horrific outfits, questionable cocktails, shameless booty dancing and great catwalk moments.

To all our friends who have helped us out along the way, with your time, your stuff, your energy and your support... to you we say many many thanks.

We couldn't have Dressed to Distress without you!

Like many things our time is probably up for that particular party, if you think there should be more things like Wrongtown for people to engage with that aren't munty, commercial and doofy, maybe its worth using your voice and sending the powers that be an email or letting it be known on the FB. Its hard to do it year after year and keep giving our good vibes, all the time n prep collecting, sorting, and hanging (and re hanging and re hanging) the bags and bags and bags and billions and billions and billions of free shit we have re-distributed to happy owners over the years. Sadly, like many things that evolve naturally and grow to fill a spot among the rainbow scenery, artists give much more than many consider is worth paying properly for. We have enjoyed the space and place Wrongtown filled for us, our friends and people who came and visited year after year, we thank you too! Stay tuned for a Wrongtown clearance garage sale coming up very soon in Northcote, you can certainly grab a bargain of someoone's much loved but soon to be upcycled outfit! Dress Affordable mint green color items dressed by bridesmaid on sale

If you see us around say hello... and remember, its not about what's right with your outfit, but what's the wrongest! Keep it real Rainbow.