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As the national debate on sexual harassment continues, it is important to note a few things. First, watch the language. Is the reported behavior (1) sexual harassment, (2) sexual assualt, or (3) sexual conduct in the work place? Sexual assualt is a physical touching and can range from touching a breast or buttock to rape. Regardless of degree, sexual assault is a crime. Sexual harassment means a person used their power to request a date or sexual favor. Sexual harassment can also include allowing a hostile workplace filled with sexual innuendo, jokes, pictures, etc. And, sexual conduct in the work place means that the person was having sex in the office. Sexual conduct in the work place could also include sexual assualt depending upon whether the other person consented and would probably also constitute sexual harassment. Why is this information important? Read NBC's statement. Lauer engaged in "sexual behavior in the workplace". And, we should not applaud NBC for acting quickly when the report was made on Monday night. NBC knew that Lauer was, at a minimum, engaging in sexual harassment. When asked in an interview in 2012 what Matt's most annoying trait was, Katie Couric "said he pinches me on the ass alot." Shame on NBC. It knew for at least the last 5 years that Lauer was a predator, but did not take steps to protect the women on its work force. Instead, NBC paid Lauer $25 million a year and provided a steady stream of victims. Dress Affordable with jacket items to wear of the occasions