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A woman who was 8 months pregnant presented in a hospital where I am as a corper with toothache. She told me she has had many painful episodes on other teeth in the mouth but have used all sorts. She claimed the teeth removed on their own.
Lo and behold, I found approximately 6 seriously damaged teeth scattered in all the quadrants in her mouth.
1. those damaged teeth have created an open and easy access for the numerous microorganisms into the jaw bones and can cause osteomyelitis, cellulitis, abscess, even death. (we pray against such)
2. She had higher number of microorganisms in her mouth because of the ongoing disease process. To this end, I advised her against kissing her children.
3. Pregnancy suppresses immune system thereby making it easier to contract infections.
4. oral infections has been linked to preterm low birth weight baby
After telling her the cost implication, she said she didn't have the money. She left. I thought she wanted to go and bring money but she didn't show up. I called her line to tell her to come for drugs that would suppress the pain till after delivery. She promised to come but didn't show up.
I really felt for her, her unborn baby, her children and her husband.
I remembered how we almost lost a 10year old boy diagnosed with orofacial cellulitis due to hole in the tooth. The father spent close to 200k on theatre session, blood transfusions and high power antibiotics(highly expensive). Teeth hole is just something that can be treated with few thousands of naira. DressAfford 2 piece outfits for prom party
I quite agree that dental services are relatively more expensive than people's expectation. It's largely due to the instrument and materials used.
Most people are in the low socioeconomic status.
What do we think we can do to help ourselves?
Note: this story is what I was thoroughly involved in as the first person on call. It's just to enlighten you, not to scare anybody.
Excerpts From The Dental Suite- TDS