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Ok, this is not towards anyone but this is what i've seen, both in person and online, of social media shooters these days. People think in this game its all about a following..... You try to post so much just to get a bunch of free shit yet you don't really work at it to earn it. You make a name for yourself, get even more followers, yet your head is so filled with this attention addiction that you can still be rude to those who follow you and sometimes forget those companies who gave you that stuff and those people who built you up by following. You do videos and take pics of yourself in selfie mode shooting your guns super fast but i don't see those hits. Why?! Is it just for showing your fast? Everyone can be fast but can you hit fairly accurately doing the same? Is this what people like? Fast missers instead of fast hitters? I don't know, but it is all i see lately and im not talking about my competitive shooter friends. We all know we can shoot lol DressAfford formal wear good for maternity women

Now there is nothing wrong with that at all and honestly good for you, that's awesome, and i would love to be that noticed one day too. However is that all im aiming for?? Hell no. Look at my Instagram profile... This is my life and no matter what, im happy being where i am. I will continue at it, and i will always be the happy and humble guy you know no matter if i am poor or rich. I will never change. Everyone needs to do what you love and do not change yourself for followers! Stay true to yourself... That is what matters. Practice your talents and do not stop no matter what! This applies to every hobby besides shooting and excuses are exactly that, excuses.

You can be good at anything you want, just never give up and keep at it. Look at me for example, i literally have -$400 dollars in my bank due to bills but you know what, i still had ammo to shoot with 46 dollars in cash left for the next two days so I practiced one day and taught a class the other day... I love my hobby so much that i literally will go broke to do it. I do what it takes to make myself better every single week. I don't do it for the followers or free shit, i do it because i absolutely love it and its my passion! It make me feel alive when i do it and ill die before i stop that's for sure. Make yourself happy, live for you and not your followers!