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How to silence the world
a lot of people offend me because so many think there is only black and white, right and wrong, left or right, love or hate, some gay people piss me off because they run around saying I'm gay, I'm gay and I'm like well shit I want to be happy, too. So maybe there is something wrong with me because I don't feel compelled to run around saying I'm straight to everyone I meet. I honestly don't think most people give a shit unless they are interested in you as a partner. But I seen gay guys that tell a straight guy they are interested the straight guy says thanks but no thanks. So the gay guy hounds them because he won't take no as answer and then blames the straight guy after the straight guy is like quit hitting on me or I will not be your friend anymore. There is a lot of injustice in the world no one is denying that, but reverse discrimination or just having a chip on your shoulder 24/7 will not change that. Saying someone cannot speak their mind is insane to me. I may not agree with what someone says or their actions but if I don't know what they believe or why how can I find a middle ground a compromise that could perhaps benefit all or most without harming any. How can you even try to change anything if everyone's answer is shut up you don't know what it is like, here let me punch you or throw a rock at you. And both sides always saying see I told you there a bunch of _______ (fill in the blank anyway you want). Recognize that the world is kind of a crazy messed up place but there is also amazing beauty and kindness, yes there is anger, sadness and pain. People who are hurting often take it out on those that are considered smaller weaker also on those they love and trust none of it is right, but it is what they see is often the one sided view media and most news outlet show, which I think is utter BS. We have people who don't know the difference between want and need, people who have never needed anything but want everything making rules to insure they get everything by reinforcing their own sickness of mind that those they have robbed, rapped and murdered deserved it because they complained or threw a rock in their frustration. The pot always calling the kettle or cauldron black, but has never looked in the mirror, always trying to see a difference but never seeing the similarities. The cheater who always accuses the one they cheated on of cheating because of their own guilty conscience. So I hope everyone can find a mirror and look into it and scream the stuff they scream at others into it. Then tell me how perfect you are. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes, but I try, and I try not to hurt others and the injustices carried out under the LIE of LAW make me crazy, I hate the lies countries and people tell to get others to do their dirty work for them. People who lack empathy and innerstanding make me crazy, I do not like what they do or how they act, but I keep trying to figure it out. We have a long human history of trauma and abuse, how or where it started I am not sure, but with more recent abuse and truama the so-called holocaust well it wasn't only jews that died, but now the so-called victims are the abusers in israel, it makes one think that they have lost their minds. How can one condemn what wrongs were done to them yet turn around and justify doing the same wrongs to someone else? I don't care that mathematically two negatives make a positive, I just don't see how a victim becoming an abuser has helped anyone even themselves. The world is full of stresses, and sometimes the pressure seems too great, but have you ever wondered why, or thought is it the world or is it me, we live in a sick system that has usually killed those who challenge its ways, but change can happen and yes one person can change the world. Sure we can all kill, rape and rob one another until nothing remains or we can try to stop it from happening to anyone else by refusing to do it to another. The few inbred insane men and women that are making unfair and insane decisions that effect us all can only carry out their insane plans with your co-operation either you are for them and are aiding and abetting or you are in opposition which also indirectly aids and abets them. How?, I hope you asked, I'll use antifa since this post is some what related to them, as they claim fascist, sexist, racist, anti chicken, anti-snowflake perhaps I should just say anti-flake as I am offend at the bashing beautiful frozen water gets or what ever just like anti-semetic is even used against jews, if they don't agree with the status quo, I hope you realize they would be calling Jesus Christ anti-semetic. The way the so-called opposition aids and abets them whether they realize it or not is when people who really are aiding and abetting them for their purpose get enough people who they know are marginalized and unfairly treated to act badly they pay instigators who are desperate enough to kill, rape, and rob their own, they also pay their own to pretend to be opposition to start fights, looting, destruction, etc. in hopes of getting enough of the people they want to crush and destroy to join in the stupidity so they can say look, look, look at what these crazy animals are doing if we don't stop them they will destroy us all. If a US, British, or Israeli soldier kicks in your door and you resist you are called a terrorist, If you are trained by them and aid them to over throw an existing government you are called a freedom fighter. I am not saying that words cannot be hurtful we all know they can be. But please realize that the so-called self appointed leaders of the world bank on your ignorance and gullibility to fall into their trickery and deceit, they know that if you keep poking a dog repeatedly eventually it might bite, and they are ready and waiting for the people that fall for their controlled opposition to bite so they can put you out of their misery. Little by little, region by region they have been slowly and steadily killing off millions for the past couple hundred years. They have probably killed off a billion in the past 100 years. War, fear, distraction and your cooperation is really their only real means of control. Why do you think they have made gardens and collecting rain water illegal? Helping or feeding people illegal? Why do so many think "rule of law" the only way? Once upon a time the same types claimed the "divine right" or "mandate of heaven". I hope you all realize that extremes are not real good and I also hope you can see that they are purposely trying to push the extremes to justify their UN agenda 21. And to silence the world from speaking the truth. Without truth wrongs can never be righted. DressAfford long maxi wears which look beautiful