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The tradition continues:

The Adventures of Sir Travis, Knight-errant
Part the Third

Upon the Feast of St. Andrew did Sir Travis hold a masque for the youths of his parish. Anon, returned he home upon his blue steed which ate fire and belched forth noxious fumes, though that steed's leg were become increasing lame. Then washed he in the fountain and bedecked himself in all array of finery for the revels of the night.

That eve, the burgesses, villeins, and wenches of the parish were held as if in a spell by the power of his bard-craft, such that many were the flagons of ale and noggins of spirits proffered him.

Then traveled Sir Travis beyond the witching hour to the bell tower of distant New Spain and feasted he upon a box of strange and disturbing victuals which excite the humours and rend the bowels.

Though late were his lying down, Sir Travis did awake early upon the morn. His squire, young Sam, lay upon the couch in the antechamber and chided he Sir Travis for the choices of the night. Long sat they together, discussing the gift given to Nimue in the devil's hour and awaiting the hour of Nones, whereupon young Sam went forth on his labors.

And lo! the demons of the bells did seize Sir Travis and hold him in agony. Going he to the room of greatest need to exorcise them, Sir Travis discovered his supply of finest tissue, miraculously both soft and strong, was run out. Cursing the day, Sir Travis did ride forth again. Eschewing the Market of Wal for its distance, rode he in pain and torture to the nearest market to replenish the vestments required unto his relief. apparels dressed in formal occasion for maternity ladies

Divested of his burden, Sir Travis did call upon the wizards of Sprint for a fortnight's grace. Then opened he a flagon of choice wine and sat he at his instrument to prepare him for the many revels of Christmastide.