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"In the world of rodents, there exists a very strange hijacker. This insidious, unwelcome interloper is called, Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite doesn't only occupy the world of rats and mice. It leads a duplicitous existence.
It also requires the assistance of a cat to complete its lifecycle. How is this, you may ask. well sit back, and i will tell you all about it.
How it works is simple yet terrifying. Once Toxoplasma Gondii infects the host rat, it manifests itself in the brain. completely hijacking its neuro control network. Forcing the rat to do very strange things indeed. far in contrast to the rats normal sense of self and self preservation. Because toxoplasma gondii doesn't like rats very much. For one specific reason. Toxoplasma gondii requires that it be in the gut of a cat to reproduce.
Well, how does in accomplish this feat?
it compels the rat to go to where the cats are. by making the rat sexually attracted to cats.
You read that right, they are drawn sexually by the smell of cat urine, and cats themselves,,the rat homes in on the cats and makes its attack. The parasite renders the rat completely fearless.Not surprisingly the rat stands no chance in this suicide mission, so it is merely a means to an end.
Once the cat eats the rat infected with toxoplasma godii, the parasite is now in its love nest gut of a cat. there the toxoplasma reproduces wildly. The larvae produced by these trysts are then expelled in the feces of the cat. There they wait. enticing as they can be for the next rat to come along and viola. the rat eats the poop and is unknowingly, yet quite predictably, infected as the next zombie host of toxoplasma gondii.
That seems scary enough, but i figured Diane Wilson would like to know that, yes, us humans also fit somewhere in that circle of doom.
Human beings can become infected by this nasty parasite as well. And seeing as how this evil creature is the master of mind control, it has neurological affects once it resides in our neural cortex.
Now, toxoplasma gondii doesn't WANT to be inside of us, we are a dead end. It just sits there trapped in our brains. But what it does while it is in there is a very serious cause for concern.
The big neurobiological question that needs to be answered is: If it is changing the behavior of rats and mice, what is it doing to people?
Although it wont have us going around sniffing for cat pussy, studies have shown that it does have some serious, and very disturbing affects on our mental health.
Around the world, studies have shown that people with schizophrenia have high rates of this parasite.Toxoplasmosis is able to alter the way the rat's brain functions. When this parasite gets into people, maybe its doing the same thing. Maybe it can have chronic affects on something like mental illness. If doctors like Neurologist Dr. Patrick House can find a link between the parasite, and our behavior, then it would change the way we look at mental illness and, of course, potentially a treatment. ball gown style items with train to wear of the wedding
Now, just before you lock the cat flap in your house for good, let me reassure you.That apart from getting cat poop on your hand and sticking it in your mouth.


Fertilizers can contain quite a bit of cat feces.So, when the parasite gets into the crops, it gets into the cows and then gets into us.
Cook your food well, keep your hands washed, and then you can cuddle your cat free of fear".