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Beach Cleanup this Sunday! Meet on the beach in front of Ocean Deck this Sunday morning between 8:30-9.
PS. "Clean Up the Beach, You Hippies" is a reference to Beach Hippie, one of the delicious beers by local brewer Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company (of DeLand) which I gather will be among the goodies on offer later in the day! And here is another fun fact: Ocean Deck now has its own beer, the appropriately named Ocean Deck, also created by Persimmon Hollow. BTW the organizers are aiming to pick up 1,000 pounds of trash!! See you Sunday! black wedding selections with lace

Outsiders USA to Clean up the beach, you hippies! January 11 at 11:16am · DeLand, FL, United States

Event updates! =)
PARKING: If you are not driving on the beach, you can park in the lot behind Rossellini's Italian Restaurant. There is a sign indicating parking for Ocean Deck.

CHECK IN: On the beach in front of Ocean Deck between 8:30-9am on this Sunday, Jan. 14th. You'll receive your clean up gear, and set off to clean the beach!

Head back to tents around 10:30-11am to weigh in with your trash. We'll also send some trucks up and down to collect/consolidate, if you're filling up your bags.

PRIZES: We'd love to see you all tagging us in photos, and the most fun photo w/ the correct tags will get a free paddle board rental! Add a photo of yourself cleaning up the beach, and tag: Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company (Instagram: @persimmonhollow) and Outsiders USA (Instagram: @Outsiders.USA) and 4Ocean along with the hashtags # persimmonhollowbrewing # outsidersusa # cleanupsensiblybutgetweird # 4Ocean

FREE BEER: Yum. Only for 21+ of course. ;) We'll head to Ocean Deck after weighing trash is done. Each person receives a raffle ticket for a free paddle board; you'll give the other half of that ticket at the bar, to receive your free beer.

WEATHER: It'll be a bit chilly in the am (between 40-50 degrees) so dress warm, eat a good breakfast and pack your reusable water bottle!

Any questions feel free to reach out to us @ [email protected] or call us @ 386 785 6806

See you all Sunday. Let's try for 1,000lbs of trash, people!!!! =D =D =D