boho items to wear of the wedding

Going home for the holidays can mean stress and being busy!

But for me -- that also means I get to go back to where my fitness journey started.

Man, I had to HUNT my Google Drive for the photo on the left and a few others from that time because..

I hated looking at myself! I disliked me! I didn't wanna see "that" on my camera roll. I was just so....negetive.

Growing up til a bit into this fitness journey, I would stand at this sink in my parent's home to brush my teeth before bed (like any person does!) But honestly... boho items to wear of the wedding

I would just stare RIGHT AT MY TEETH and nothing else. I didn't want to see myself. Just wanted to get in and out. Get the job done and CYA.

Zero self confidence.
Negative on the self esteem charts.
You name it I was probably negative in it.

It was around this time months ago now that I said YES to...

Meal plans..
Dense nutrition..
Workouts custom to me...
Daily check ins...

And it changed EVERYTHING.

Which is why I'm creating my own group and extending that same invite to you...

Struggling with self confidence? I got you.
Want to feel stronger? Yess!
Have the need to fit in those old jeans? Let's go!

Send me a PM or comment below if you want in!
This group does close soon!