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This is an interesting affidavit by a guy named Hodge, who was brought to the DPD on Friday evening as some kind of weapons expert. He said that as he was coming down the elevator, it stopped at the 2nd or 3rd floor, and Jack Ruby got on and shook his hand. They knew each other. And then Ruby made a joke. He said, "Have they arrested you, Hodge?"

I think it's pretty funny, actually. But, more important, it tells us things. It tells us that Ruby wasn't that obsessed with Oswald because he wouldn't make a joke if he was. And he wasn't that upset about Kennedy because he wouldn't make a joke if he was. And he certainly didn't have anything to do with the assassination because, first, he wouldn't have gone there to the PD, and second, he wouldn't make a joke about someone being involved if he, himself, was involved.

Making a joke is making light of something, and it speaks of Ruby's state of mind at the time. And when you think about the nature of the joke he told, it certainly shows that he was not focused on Oswald and killing Oswald. And Ruby said that he did not go to the PD that evening because of Oswald or to see Oswald. He wanted to see about sandwiches that he brought for the Dallas detectives. And he wanted to speak to someone from a radio station who was there about his ads. So, he was thinking about his business. He did not have any thought about shooting Oswald. colored wedding wears for over size ladies

Have they arrested you, Hodge? Good one, Jack. You made me laugh. Although, I don't know that I would have laughed that night.