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“Oh, that’s very great! Marian saw nothing in me and broke my heart when I needed her most. Thanks for your advice my brother and friend but, I will sleep over it” Stan replied Dennis message and went to bed.

“I wished I could do that but I couldn’t hurt Raquel and moreover it was not worth it.” I sent a message to Dennis when I woke up for work.

Just when I decided to propose marriage to Raquel, Marian called me and this time around, she is not moving an inch away from me because; she still loved me.

Would you give her the chance?

I couldn’t believe this. I thought she said she wanted a love which was sweeter. But who told her the “Adonko” love was finished?

“I’m really sorry Marian but I can’t be with you anymore and besides, I’m with another person who means the world to me and she doesn’t deserve that ill-treatment you want to cure” my response to her was short and simple.

She kept on calling but I had better things doing so I didn’t answer the call. I asked Raquel to marry me and she accepted one night when I took her out.

Debby and her husband were out of town but they promised to be at the wedding. We decided to get married in a month’s time. I texted the invitation to Marian and she wasted no time to come to my workplace.

“Do you think you can dump me just like that for no reason? We started this journey and we must finish. I repeat we must finish!! Well, I did some mistakes on the journey of love but here am I after rectifying them all” she shouted at the entrance and walked in calling my name.

“You will marry for me to see Stan” she screamed creating scenes.

“Will you stop behaving like a crazy kid? You have no right to ask me not to get married. What did you think? That, I was going to come crawling at your feet when you left me on the fence of love? I thought you wanted sweeter love more than “Adonko” love.” I raised my voice to her when my colleagues were taking her out.

“Leave me alone” She left saying I was going to regret rejecting her.

I saw things were finally falling into place. My siblings were doing well and our wedding day was here!!! I was waiting anxiously for my bride and to my utmost surprise, Debby came to the wedding with her husband, her two beautiful children and also pregnant for three months. I saw Raquel in her wedding dress and I couldn’t believe my eyes. consignment wears for formal party

An hour later, the wedding was over and we all headed to the reception to make merry and have fun. I thanked Debby for giving me a wonderful lady and promised to treat her good just as her husband treated her. We burst into laughter and advised I obey my promise.

Guess who showed up at the reception?

Marian! It seemed she enjoyed disturbing my peace. My heart started racing very fast when her words sunk deep in my ears and echoed in my head. She came in begging me to forgive her and asked me to introduce my bride to her. I called Raquel to come over and meet an old friend.

She came and her face changed totally after seeing Marian. I asked her if they knew each other but nobody said a word. I smelled anger in the breath of Raquel and that of Marian. My eyes moved from one face to the other waiting to hear something but it seemed I had to repeat myself.

“What is going on here? Do you by any means know each other? Somebody should explain things to me” I said in anger and tried pulling Raquel back to her seat.

“Honey, do you remember the girl I told you about? My roommate, who was sleeping with my boyfriend?” Raquel asked.

“Holy crap! Don’t tell me its Marian”, I exclaimed.” Is she the girl you told me about?” I added.

“Honey, that’s her. She caused me pain after I invested so much of my time and money in the guy I loved and wanted to marry. This lady from nowhere came to use sex as a tool to steal the love of my life away from me. If not meeting you, I would have hanged myself after Debby’s wedding!” Raquel muttered in tears.

“Everything happens for a better reason, my love. You have me now and I have you all to myself. I thank God for giving me a holy virgin just as I desired. I love you” I said and kissed her.

Such a small world. It seemed Raquel went through a lot of damage than I imagined. She wasted no time to sack Marian from the reception grounds and told her never to have any connection with her husband. Marian left, feeling miserable and remorseful.

It has been four years of marriage and everything is moving on well. My wife is more beautiful than I ever imagined.

God has been so good, He blessed us with two beautiful kids and my wife and Debby became the best of friends.

Well, not all of us have a happy ending in life. Dennis now works in the same hospital with my wife and he has finally settled down with his wife, who is two months pregnant. We can’t wait to welcome the new member to our big happy family!

Marian, my first crush, and love… whom I was ready to do anything for but blew me off and betrayed my trust in her. She never completed school and she got herself pregnant with one of her numerous men. Such is life. We can’t always have what we want.

Sometimes in life, we just have to be melodramatic to know who your real love is and once you find that, you can survive almost everything, even a previous heartbreak. Thank you all for taking your precious time to read! ? ? ?
# THE_END !!!!!