crop top wedding dress

Hello sis,
I'm not saying make up is wrong, neither am I asserting that wearing a bare face is right. You can slay all you want, you can paint all you want......But be aware that those cosmetics and artificial nails, hair extensions are not the real you.
How do you look without them?
It may attract a man but it doesn't keep him.
So, what do you do?
Invest in yourself ...... Anger doesn't look good on you no matter the level of cake powder you feed your face.
No matter how expensive your lippie is, it is a waste of money if you are known to be saucy .
The reason you prayed all these while, and the ' brother ' didn't show up , the proposal is still pending, or the brother left you for good is because you are not living, behaving like a home maker.
You prayed but your packaging doesn't help.....
Have you ever seen a Queen dressed up in crop top and leggings?
You prayed in the morning and fought in the afternoon , every one in your neighborhood knows you have a bad temper, and you expect people to recommend you for marriage? Even your best friend will not do that.
Dear sis, it's a new season, another chance is given to us...... Work on yourself.
Getting married is your top request for this year and your prayer all the time. Yet you would not plan with him.
Last Christmas, you visited eateries, joints and club houses posting pictures of 'how you chopped the head of your life ' with ' boo'. When it comes to money, you are not disciplined, while he is still thinking if he can trust you with his business, accounts and ATM cards , you are anticipating proposal..... Wedding.
We claim it was Jesus Birthday, yet you spent thousands on shopping at the boutique when your online order wasn't what you wanted. The clothes didn't fit, so you gave it out. You knew he didn't really have much, but to show off on social media, you insisted on going to ShopRite and you really thinking how Val would be in weeks time ......Is that Right? And you want to get married in 20!8? Well, you don't seem serious here. You got everything for yourself and not even a pin for him. ' Because he is a man, if he needs it, he can get it ' . crop top wedding dress
My sis, if this is who you are, you're not READY !
Let's be realistic, even if he loves you, these traits in your character will repel him, they are enough to scare him away! He didn't propose last year because he was waiting for you to Change but you didn't. Here is another chance.....
Make up your mind(not your face) to change for the best....
You can do it by God's grace. It's not by power nor might.
Settle with God
Stay in His presence
Eat the Bible
Do the word.
Work on yourself ,
Help yourself by allowing God to help you.
Make up will not make him propose......
But your inner Beauty.
The fear of God is the best thing that looks good on every woman, anytime and any day.
.....Wear it..... Good morning great people