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My experience with my colicky baby:
You aren't alone I'm here to share your pain.

I have always wanted to talk about this just didn't know how to start and how to share my experience. I have an extremely colicky baby who used to cry or i should say scream for hours specially from evening to till midnight. I was overwhelmed scared and exhausted because i didn't know what's wrong with him. I started to feel like a loser and that affected my health as well.

If you don't know what is a colicky baby then let me explain you in easy words. Colicky baby is a healthy baby who eats properly but cries for hours as if he or she is in pain and is quite impossible to console. You will notice a pattern in them like almost at a specific hour they will start behaving weirdly. A colicky baby might even cry all day long and act grumpy fussy. I still remember the days of korbani eid he even didn't let me to take shower.

Now what to do is there any solution!!! Well unfortunately no one can tell you what would work for them to calm down. It's a trial and error sort of thing. My one used to calm down by hearing the sound of hairdryer which is known as white noise. There are different sort of white noises you have to play them with high volume means the volume has to be louder than their screaming. Sad news is sometimes white noise even failed to calm him down then i had to look for other options. I tried different lullabies. One day it worked i mean i found out the lullaby that worked for him. I had to sleep the entire 4months by hearing different sounds because otherwise he would wake up and start screaming. Try different motions but what i have observed bouncing works best. Wrapping him tight then bouncing used to work most of the time. Sometimes singing lullaby for him used to work. But there are several days when nothing seemed to work i had to just ride it out. I took help from others because i was getting crazy. Don't shake your baby it can be dangerous. If you feel you are losing yourself just let him cry because sometimes no matter what you do he will cry better you let him cry and relax for few minutes. I know i sound crazy but trust me that helps. custom bridesmaid wears by handmade

Every child has a fussy period not necessarily he has to be colicky. Try to develop a sleeping pattern. Try to create a calm environment that will help him to fall asleep fast. I always play lullaby and slowly grab him in my arm then start bouncing. When he is yawning and giving you signals that he is tired immediately take him down to sleep. Babies are hard to console when they are over tired specially colicky babies. You can offer them pacifier buy that's risky because small babies tend to get infected if you use pacifiers my one got stomach infection but still there is no harm in trying if he is at least 1.5 months old. Clean it with warm water after every use to avoid infection.

Now let's talk about milk. If you are breastfeeding then avoid dairy completely that might help. Don't eat food that might cause acidity. I'm not saying it will work 100% but you can at least try. If you are bottle feeding then try giving him comfort milk. I had to give him Cow and gate comfort milk which is thicker in consistency and helped him a lot with his gas issue. I forgot to share colicky baby tends to become more gassy than usual ones. Comfort milk is great for babies with constipation. Your baby might have loose greenish like poop but that's completely okay. Give him anti colic bottles. I prefer doctor browns anti colic bottles. These things are not available in Bangladesh but you can order through page. I will share the link.

There are some exercises you can try to reduce his tummy ache and pass his trapped gas. Do it twice a day. These exercises are great for easy bowel movement and help with constipation.

Here is the link:

Lullaby that might help your baby sleep even if he is not colicky. It will make him feel relaxed if he is poor sleeper or difficult to make him fall asleep.

Try different white noises for your convenience I'm giving you the link that worked for my boy

I have ordered my anti colic bottles and cow and gate milk from a Facebook page Shop UK :

The owner is really helpful and delivers really fast. I can trust her completely.

Most importantly have patience this shall pass and your baby will be alright after 3months usually. Some babies might take more time but usually it does get over after 4months. Hang In there mommy. I know it's difficult to say because I'm going through the same situation because he is still a difficult baby but things got way better.

If you need any help please do message me. Talk to your pediatrician if you feel there is something wrong with your baby. Sometimes reflux is misunderstood as colic. Make sure your baby is not suffering from any other health issue. I tested his urine and poop to make sure he is just colicky nothing else is bothering him. If he is spitting up a lot there are chances that he has reflux. Even if is not spitting up he might have silent reflux. Like crying during and after feeding. Doesn't want to lay down on his back. Google for other symptoms.

Motherhood is extremely difficult and tiring specially if you have a baby who cries without any reason but you have to ride it out. Dont give him tabij koboj or any pani pora. He doesn't need that. You are his protector after Allah. Whenever you feel anxious recite aytul kursi as many times as you can.

One more thing colic gets worst before it gets better. He might act fussy throughout the day when you are expecting it might end. So don't freak out if he seems to get worst.