extra sized items to wear of the prom that is not expensive

The eyes of my gem, beautiful than Gold.
The shapes of my gazelle beautiful to behold
Behold my love is all I have to behold
Hold unto me and give me strength
Amarachi will always be there for me
Even when there is change or not
I will never derail
Hold on to me and pull me closer
Hold on to me darling
The sky is there as the beginning
Not even the end
I say the beginning
The taste of your saliva is sweeter than honey
The warmth of your body is soothing and medicinal
my Cherie Coco
my lover
Let me tell it to the whole world
Let the world knows that I have got a queen to make me a king. extra sized items to wear of the prom that is not expensive
Come closer
Move closer
Walk faster
Never you go far away from me
Behold my beauty is costlier than dollar!
No amount of cane can scare me
No amount of punishment could close my eyes
Close my eyes to the reality on ground
You are lovely
You are comely
You are the sweetest singer in my palace
You are the only cockroach in my archives
Let no insecticides come nearer to my love
Turn to mosquitoes and bite me
I shall prefer to die of malaria than to kill 'you'
Love me tenderly
Tender your love to me gently
I have gotten a shoulder for you to lean on
Lean on me
Lean on me
Even if you were heavier than Elephant
I shall feel no pain.

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