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The serpents are said to float in the form of germinating creatures in this region. These three stages explain the phenomena of the workings of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. The concerned allegories in the Pura-n.a give the full details of these workings on the vital body of this earth. The case is true with the vital body of man. A solar king (Bhagiratha) who is located in Leo, the sign of Sun, causes this descent of Ganga through his penance to redeem his ancestors and send them on the upward path by purifying their ashes with the waters of Ganga. Agastya, who is located in the opposite sign Aquarius (which is ruled by Mitra and Varun.a), causes the upward path of water through the ascending rays of the northern Sun by drinking the waters of the oceans. The ascending and descending paths of water form a complete cycle which is called the path of waters (Na-ra-yan.a). The sign Pisces marks the null-point or the point of poise, where the currents of water cross one another as is indicated by the two fishes running in opposite directions. Varun.a governs the sign Pisces in his capacity as Neptune. The ray of Neptune is the cause of rapture.Losing the lower mind into the background of soul is the faculty bestowed by Neptune. For this reason, he leads the path of the disciples into higher initiations through devotion. Bhakthi yoga or the path of devotion forms one of the three main paths of liberation. Generally, this leads the majority of the disciples to the grace of the World Mother, which is located in the opposite sign, Virgo. It also leads to the path of beauty or the approach through meditation of the Lord as the Cowherd. This is linked up with Taurus through a sextile aspect. The path of fellowship which is located in Leo and the path of the investiture of the robe which is located in Capricorn, lead to the path of the Karma yoga which is governed by the concept of the Lord as Shepherd. This concept is located in the sign Aries. It is linked up by a trine aspect with Leo and as an exaltation sign of Mars in Capricorn. Neptune is the exclusive ruler of Pisces and he serves a double function. His role as Varun.a is to work out the disciples to lose their lower consciousness (personality) into the higher consciousness or group-consciousness. This is upto the end of the construction of the Higher Bridge. For those who follow the path of grace, Neptune reflects the mysterious rays of another cosmic force, a higher one called Indra. This starts with the merging of chakra-s and finds its completion in the blossoming of the lotus that is located within Brahmarandhra and near A-jnachakra. The function of Indra is to expand the soulconsciousness of the disciple to find its fullest expression in the spiritual consciousness on the level of Shamballa, via the Hierarchy. For all those who are in the individual level and who cannot respond to the functions of Neptune, the rulership of this sign is taken up by Jupiter who gives them opportunities to expand into the consciousness ofthe personality through social, political and economic activities. Venus is the ruler of the sign for those who follow the path of love. The path is led by Lord Maitre-ya but, at present, the duty is conducted by Gauthama, the Buddha for some reasons. It is strange to notice that the numerical potency of this sign is also seven. Virgo and Pisces express the vibration of this number in its positive and negative aspects. The synthesizing power of the number is called the positive potency and the analysing power is called the negative potency. Virgo represents the negative side of this number, because it manifests the rainbow. Pisces represents the positive aspect because it is the sign of blending the various aspects of the lower consciousness into the unity of the higher. A man of Pisces cares more for the general, while the man of Virgo works out for the particular. Therefore Virgo is the sign of analysis and Pisces, the sign of synthesis. Virgo is the sign of scientists and Pisces is the sign of artists. The two opposite currents of life are blended in Pisces and are interpreted in Virgo. formal prom party dresses With long sleeve that look sexy