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Lourdes hospital complaint to accredidation so that others don't experience this.

The Joint Commission Incident number 92841JSZ-32964QAH
Incident date 11/26/17
Date summited 12/02/2017 online

Edna was admitted to Lourdes hospital on Sunday 11/26/2017 because she was vomiting, had diarrhea and her stomach was bloated... she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on Thursday... the mass is large 3 x 15 centimeters and has been growing for a least a year... it is now attached to her abdomen which is causing fluid to build up in her abdomen due to inflammation... cancer cells were found in this fluid... she has had symptoms for months, pressure and urinating frequently and was misdiagnosed during this period... for the past six months Edna had been treated with several antibiotics for a urine infection which proved to be ineffective and non-existent (red flag)... Lourdes Primary in Endicott failed to order any further imaging, mri or ct scans for evidence of the presence of cancer which would also be consistent with her symptoms.. In addition Lourdes has systemic problems as follows: grandmother of the groom dresses
(1) When you call the Endicott primary care 607 785-2460, you will get a recording stating that they are experiencing long waits to answer your call... it takes 10 to 15 minutes to get an operator and there are times when the call is dropped.. this problem has existed for months.
(2) When Edna would try to make an appointment with her primary care provider, Dr. Misty Ondrucek, it was always a month or more out and she was required to go to the walk-in and see Cherie Rossman, FNP at the Lourdes Primary Care facility in Endicott... this fact contributed to Edna's misdiagnosis and the further growth of the tumor... the prognosis is grim