gypsy wedding dresses

What's on my mind? This is what is always on my mind. I'll rather spend my money on building my toilet with flush and shower than spending it on our wedding dress, beer for guests, a big fancy wedding party with color lights with nothing to expect the next morning whilst as a matter of fact our guests could not do nothing to assist us in repaying back our loan for that big wedding party. I'll rather save up my money for my son's future education rather than saving it up to spend it on drawing a big party for his birthday. It is better not to celebrate my wife's birthday with expensive gifts and all but instead just kiss her cheeks with a simple "happy birthday love." It is better to drink homebrew than drinking beer and expensive liquors (but to drink beer only on fully government sponsored functions) I'll rather buy from Value City for my clothes than buying brand new clothings. It is best that the amount not exceeding $100 should be spent for my funeral. Simply, it is best to live within our means and not according to what our culture expect us to do. AKEA BONGANAN TE TANEIAI KE TE KAMAMAEAKI NGKANA KO AKI KARAOIA if you do not have the means to do it knowing that you will eat nothing the next day. As the saying goes, "LIFE IS REALLY SIMPLE BUT WE INSIST ON MAKING IT COMPLICATED" Will you do the same? And what is that? gypsy wedding dresses