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I'm consistently getting requests for thigh workouts so here you go! Targeting the inner thighs, along with the outer thigh and glutes too! ;-) It is a fun and fairly simple workout that you can do anytime you have a few extra minutes! To make it more challenging you can add a resistance band as well!

1 - Front/Back Crossover (standing straight balance yourself or use the wall/chair if needed and bring leg across the front then behind you (this is 1 rep) and repeat)

2 - Plie Squat Pulse with Curtsey Lunge (go into a plie squat as low as you can with good form then you will pulse 3x then take one leg back behind the other in a curtsey lunge then return back to plie position and repeat (this is 1 rep) repeat) high neck collar wedding selections

3 - Lying Leg Lifts (lying on one hip lift and lower forward leg with heel upward to target the inner thigh as shown)

4 - Last move you will go into all 4's pulling one knee in then extending leg behind you. Take that leg out to the side (you should feel it in your outer thigh) keeping the core and back from moving and return to all 4's and repeat.

Just remember to work all areas of your lower body and you need to be eating clean as well or you will continually maintain a layer of fat over the growing muscle making you look bigger than before ;-) And we do NOT want that....

Repeat the exercises for 4 sets of 15-20 reps each (and that is per leg). Do 3x a week for best results!
ENJOY!!! :-)

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