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How common are urine infections ?
Urine infections are rare in men aged under 50. They become more common in older men. Urine infection is much more common in women.
Why do some men develop urine infections ?
In some cases an underlying problem can increase the risk of developing a urine infection. These include the following:
An enlarged prostate may stop the bladder from emptying properly. Some urine may then pool in the bladder. Germs (bacteria) are more likely to multiply ... and cause infection in a stagnant pool of urine.
Bladder or kidney problems may lead to infections being more likely. For example, kidney stones or conditions that cause urine to pool and not drain properly.
Having a urinary catheter. A catheter is a thin, flexible, hollow tube, passing from the bladder to the outside. This may be used to help you pass urine in a number of different circumstances. Having a catheter is the most common cause of urine infections which develop whilst in hospital. mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style
A poor immune system increases the risk of having any infection, including urine infections. For example, if you have AIDS or are taking chemotherapy.
In other cases the infection occurs for no apparent reason. There is no problem with the bladder, kidney, prostate, or defence (immune) system that can be identified.
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