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What is an Infinity Dress?

An infinity dress, also known as a convertible dress, is a dream of a gown that can simply be styled differently in 27 DIFFERENT ways without having to disclose sleeves, without a use of a belt or even adding any accessories. Infinity Dresses are an excellent way to vamp up your wardrobe without needing to fork out a fortune. Each dress is custom made and uniquely styled to suit your body type and can be worn either as a skirt or dress. Furthermore, they sculpt to your body shape perfectly! on sale wedding apparels With long sleeves
These garments consist of a floating skirt and two long straps of material that you can conveniently shape around the upper half of your body. Infinity Dress South Africa makes use of fabric that is equally smooth and light. This is to prevent creases as you layer in, yet strong enough to stay in place all day. Using only these two straps, you can shape them around your body to create 27 different styles! Halter, sleeved, one shoulder, twist halter, strapless and so much more!

Why This is the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress:

This dress has truly been deemed the perfect bridesmaids dress, because of its versatility! It is suitable for ALL body types, so no matter how many bridesmaids you have, they can all wear the same dress. This offers an element of uniformity that is perfect if you are a stickler for having everything match. No need to have your bridal party wearing all different dress styles and slightly different colour shades. This is an all-in-one solution.