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Seen as the quintessential UK cult band for nigh on three decades...never attracting the masses at shows...but in a day and age where indie by numbers rules...TVP’s have always transcended that.
Blighted with missed opportunities, and horrendous drug / health problems, written off, and never fashionable TVPs are one of rock and rolls last great secrets...But for how long? With a new album, new single, and support slot with MGMT on their 2010 UK Tour may be not that long at all. MGMT have even written a song dedicated to Dan’s colourful existence.
TVPS have always meant something more in other countries than their native UK.
The music has been remixed by many; Swedish New Yorker enigma Mabel recorded a fantastic version of 'All The Young Children on Crack'. MGMT are collaborating with Dan soon and they have a song on their new album 'Song for Dan Treacy'. Dan has been asked over and over to write songs for other bands and is working on tracks for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Crystal Stilts and more. TVPs rocked many festivals including Benicassim and All Tomorrows Parties (invited by MBV) , where The Horrors, Sonic Boom, Kramer, J. Mascis and more all waited in TVPs backstage dressing room before and after the show to pay their respects. TVPS have recently played Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. party dresses for teens
Who else has shared a bill / dressing room etc with TVPs? : Nico, Kurt Cobain, Pink Floyd, MGMT, Genesis P.orridge, Evan Dando, to name but a few...............
The new album ‘A Memory Is Better than Nothing’ has been made with great love by Dan, TexasBob and Mike Stone with the help of some new and one or two old faces around him.But the violence inflicted on himself remains, the self doubt…the lack of medical help, the wrong help...the fkd up relationships...the heroin the heroin always the heroin means that this could well be the last LP or who knows may be the start of something?
Right now TVPs are under the comforting wing of music and friend-wise the Brooklyn bands scene, however in Dan's eyes it is becoming more and more a freak show where he feels everyone is waiting for him to fall off the edge.
Three overdoses - two in art galleries (irony) in the past few weeks give Dan the lead… expect eulogies when the inevitable happens as we don't know what the inevitable will be. We may as well swing along for the journey when Dan's revelations about his time working at 16 years of age at Swan Song for Led Zeppelin come to light in the next few months.
This story will continue no doubt, f*** knows what, where, how and who...
And here's Debbie with the weather…..
Current line-up: Dan Treacy, Texasbob Juarez, Mike Stone, Arnau Obiols.
(rocket girl records 2010)

Television Personalities - A Memory Is Better Than Nothing From The 2010 Album Of The Same