petite mother of the bride or groom dresses short

Obama, the man of lawlessness. Which laws is he against? First Gods, he fights for the sacrificial murders of babies to Moloch aka abortion, he fights for the "right" to break Gods law and for Baphomet or an OBAMA-NATION aka "Transgender rights" this is a spiritual war! He and his fellow Satanist buddies have brought in confusion in leaps and bounds! Those who fight against Gods laws are antiChrist, PERIOD!! Christians you may wanna reread what Christ actually said about Gods laws, they are only done away with if you follow SATAN! petite mother of the bride or groom dresses short
Then we have the COnstitution which may not be perfect but if followed is the best protection we the lil guy have against evil men, who BTW come in all sizes and shades. Obama has broken the Constitution on more than 75 occassions and they are doozies! Yet the Media says boo about it. Seriously not a word, smh...If the devil is real and IMO he is and he wanted to fool a certain group of people who God adored, would he not come looking just like them? Yeah, you may wanna think on that a while.