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In all fairness I must remind you of somethings you may have forgotten. Do you know why people scold me and say "You're American!"?
It's because since my encounter with my friend from Easton shortly before us, all those years ago, he is the last American that I've been with. That's in a sexual manner.
I mean I have a lot of American male friends both black and white. All of us talk about things that get the blood flowing but what many fail to realize is I'm making friends. Actually a multitude of things, I question things normal people don't, probably not even their wives or girlfriends and usually it's not intentional it's just my way.
Many times when I see an American male and he stares too long, I assume he's someone that knows my family, my kids, or someone I forgot as a kid that I can't place their face. Example at my son's game there were at least 3 males that I had to blink at because they reminded me of someone a couple of them spoke. Some black a couple white. They were on the field officiating or something. But I couldn't place them. One name they read reminded me of a pastor from Kent County MD as a kid. Anyway I kept staring trying to remember. Ultimately I drew up nothing.
But if you were on the outside looking in and thought that I'm a free spirit. You'd take those looks the wrong way.
I respond most times to conversation out of courtesy. Because before I used to tell men very ignorantly that I have 0% interest in an American. In all fairness to me as you've heard the things they've done as a child don't you people think I earned my right? And even if we forgive them as they were acts done by children how about now? You see I'm getting ready to say something to make everyone think. Just because I know the nature of those I grew up with.
You see by making the foreign people do things to me in Agriculture that would make me dislike foreign males. You see after witnessing my gift. The objective is to turn everything and everyone I loved and believed in against me. So that way their true objective and whom they've chosen down to his Nationality, no longer trusting of Agriculture, no longer trusting of family and friends, and because of remarks by a Chaplain I'm discouraged by the church. Turned my slow, ignorant, money hungry family against me, and some friends. Psychologically picking out all of the things and people that HE doesn't approve of or wants to deal with. Because he doesn't like any of them whoever the miserable soul is.
See I realize in the Guide Mountaire has 2 job fairs coming up. I would've went and been hired likely in Selbyville. There is a QA position on nightshift in Mountaire. But because I accepted the job at the staffing agency I can't accept for 90 days because I'm still employed. My status changed to on call. Which means I must keep the position. The goal was to make me dislike Mountaire. Guess what I will NEVER turn my back on what I know was real friends. This is a game ordered and played by a Supremacist White Male.
It makes perfect sense. Like little slaves you've done everything he has told you. Even members of the cloth. The plan to destroy those friendships and love didn't work. In fact it grew. Because my love and concern for my coworkers in Agriculture especially Mountaire Selbyville is an unconditional Godly love. It has ups, Downs, arguments but always forgiveness.
Now I see why 1 set of Puerto Ricans are the target. It's because 1 set is a snitch. You can't sleep with the enemy and expect him to love you. He's sending you to prison with the people YOU sent. And you set up your own Puerto Rican blood. Disgraceful!!!!
This Supremacist White Male is about to show you something. Cause if he wasn't he wouldn't be seeking the love and hand of me. He knows I'm innocent. He wants me by his side to watch. Watch u go down. He is truly my exact opposite. The extreme. Day and night plus Duality. He too researched everything I've taught. He believes he's making himself Yang. However. He forgot a detail. God created day and night. And he even created Satan. He is the 1 and only True and Living God. Even in Duality you must only choose Alpha. Because at the close of any war the one that created all things can never be destroyed. In choosing the darker path as your only means of existence you have chosen defeat. Alpha and Omega. Just like the Water Cycle, Life Cycle, and every Cycle everything he makes under the light of the sun stays in rotation to exist forever. Because he will reign forever as examples he left for you to see in the cycles on earth. short and mini items in red
You may be a force, you may serve a force but you are NOT a force to be reckoned with. You are a force to be ignored, prayed for and eventually your oppressed footstool. That will be your place.
You aren't a worry of mine or anyone that is Truly God's Property. White, Black, Hispanic, Southern, Northern, Global, God's people are sick of you and your hellish weak ways and means of intimidation. Because I stand with God I pray for your Salvation that you find the courage to try God. You're the one that needs to try something different. Try God.