tea length dress that prom considered

Are you looking for something to do for ♥️ Valentine's Day ♥️ , but you're tired of the same old dinner and a movie? Grab your best dress ? , tell Bae to put the good ? shoes ? on, skip the long waits, and come celebrate your love with us @ SIR Studios on Feb 10th.
I'm talkin ? LIVE MUSIC ? . We got some of the most talented entertainers in the Ville singing you're favorite songs, a FREE Buffet tea length dress that prom considered ? to get your eat on, AND an OPEN BAR ? ? ? !!! That's right! DRINKS ON US. And not that cheap shit either. (Fellas I swear you won't regret it ? ? ? )
ALL IN A PRIVATE SETTING. Tickets are limited .
For more info call One @ 615-609-7440 or Reece Forrest @ 615-900-0232.