tulle covered items to wear of the wedding

It's been a day. I feel like I'm surrounded by whiny brats of all ages, who use social media forums to tattle on drivers who dart out in front of them, take pictures of cars who park in front of buildings(assuming the worst) take pictures of cars that may swerve a bit(assuming the worst) and assume that the dang neighborhood is infiltrated with "thugs" due to a random dog barking and fire truck sirens. How about the toddler meltdown you witnessed or the mom in the store you ... posted nasty things about who just had a bad day? I'm so tired of the hypocrisy in the form of social media. When did we as a society deem that every thought or pondering or question we had was suitable to post all over social media? I encourage you friends, to possibly be a little old fashioned and dare I say "retro" and ponder these things within yourself or in the privacy of friends and family. Go encourage the person you love face to face. Stop using a passive aggressive fb status and confront the person that's is hurting you. Go out on a limb and make it a real face to face interaction. I rarely give rants on here ...I just spew it out to my friends face to face ....but driving through a sea of idiots at 5:30 gave me time to think:) tulle covered items to wear of the wedding

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