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To anyone that lives near Checota Dr, surrounding streets and John W Runyon Elementary. An African American male approached my little sister asking her if he could talk to her about school or college. As he was asking her he was looking her up and down in a very uncomfortable way. She told him no, grabbed her cat and came inside. I guess he assumed she was home alone cause about 10 min later he came and knocked on the door and when I opened it he got surprised and started stuttering and tried to ask me for a cigarette. When he walked off he kept looking back saying things trying to calm me down or take the look off my face. If anyone lives around this neighborhood please beware and watch your loved ones. It's no telling how many kids that are walking home after school by their self that he's approached as well. vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

Mid to late 20's possibly early 30's.
Between 5'10/6ft
Didn't look completely homeless but looked like he was in the streets.
In a long gray jacket that went past the waist.