wedding garments in pale and blush pink

With all of the engagements happening right now, this one goes out to Bridesmaids to be:

You will be asked to be a bridesmaid. You have the choice to refuse. If you accept the role, you are accepting responsibility for the following (possibly more) events Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party. You are accepting the financial responsibility of buying your dress, hair, makeup, and nails to be done.

You are accepting the role of supporting your friend (I would assume) on an amazing day! If you are not willing to be financial responsible for your appearance on that one day. Or don’t want to help throw an EPIC bachelorette party, don’t accept the invitation to be a bridesmaid. It takes more than one person to make these events fun and special for ALL you girls.

If you have concerns about any of the items mentioned above, talk to the bride about that when she asks you to be her bridesmaid.

Being a bridesmaid is more than just who stands next to the bride or who gets to make a speech or be there when she’s getting ready. Being a bridesmaid is a willingness to do your part to make her day magical. Don’t ruin that by complaining the makeup is going to be too expensive or that you don’t want to pitch in to help throw your girl an epic party. Your complaints speak loud and clear to your friend that she isn’t worth your time and effort. Most likely you will have plenty of time leading up to the wedding to save some extra cash to make these events happen (even on a budget wedding garments in pale and blush pink ? ).

Most of all... have fun because as we grow older we find ourselves miles and miles away from the girls we love the most. Cherish the moments you find yourself together.

Be proud and honored to be a bridesmaid.

Rant over.