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Myrtil Corbin (1868-1928) was a Tennessee native/Texas transplant sideshow performer born with a dipygus deformity that left her with two pelvises, four non-functional legs (she could move them, but they were too weak and short to walk on), two functioning vaginas, and two functioning uteruses.

She adopted the moniker "Four-Legged Girl from Texas" at the age of 13, an "act" so popular in the sideshow circuit that other sideshows began faking four-legged women to fill seats even long after she stopped performing.

In 1887, she began experiencing pain in her left side that doctors quickly attributed to pregnancy. Upon receiving the news, she expressed disbelief, her reasoning being that she thought it unlikely that her left side would be the one to get pregnant. From this, the doctors knew that she preferred sex in her right vagina, which they were sure to note in multiple reports several times over. wedding wears for mature women over 40/50

This pregnancy caused potentially fatal complications and an abortion was performed only a few months into her pregnancy. She made a full recovery, however, and later mothered four daughters and a son.

Upon her death, her family received many generous offers for her corpse by both collectors and doctors alike. The demand for her body was so high that her grave was filled with concrete and watched by friends and family members until it dried to prevent grave robbery.