wedding with the green garments

Today I was mad because I bought Christmas present last friday and they havent ship yet. The order still procesing after 5 business day. So I was ready to complain so I decide to call Toys R Us Costumer Service around 8:00am. wedding with the green garments
Lady: Thank you for call TRU costumer Service my name is.... How may I help you?
Me: explained the situation really mad!
Lady: May I have your info?
*in the background I heard like a newborn short but very clear fuss.* while she is looking up my info I am thinking the baby must be breastfeeding or sleeping in her chest because I can hear it.
Lady: I am going to put a request to get your order in priority since is taking more than expected.
*I heard another little fuss*
Me: understand and thank you.
Lady: can i help you with something else?
Me: Yes could you tell me if you have a baby with you?
Lady: what?
*I repeated the question* she was in silence for a minute...
Lady: *really hesitant tone of voice* yesss
Me: I want to commend you for that! It is so early in the morning on a Saturday and you are with your baby in arms dealing with people like me!
Lady: *bust out in laugh* Omg, thank you so much!
Me: have a wonderful day!
That baby just changed my mood completely... we never know what people have to do to provide for their kids, so always be kind! I am a working mom so I know how it feels!