what garments to wear for brides suitable for second wedding

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My Post Was Deleted Rudely by Somebody or "You know you're from Anacortes when..." after Hundreds of Anacortes People's talking with different opinions and some not polite words to me about my questions "Do We Anacortes People Enjoy that Gun Picture..." this morning in face book. I didn't have enough time to make sure and show any opinion and just asked a couple of questions because I love Anacortes and still remember Las Vegas Accident deeply.Nobody says your post of a gun picture with shooting technique discussion in Face Book is illegal.You can post different guns in F Book or own hundred of gun in your house and holding a gun in your bed that's your business absolutely.However, I would feel so confused if some people with guns showing in any public area except policeman.In today's strong discussion a guy blacked my photo with his or her opinion and called me Rugged Sailing Man...some body checked my back ground...Now I tell you guys that I am a good Anacortes legal resident helping our beautiful,peaceful Anacortes a lot and living here for not short time. I will leave this group " you know you're from Anacortes" away soon. what garments to wear for brides suitable for second wedding
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