white colored and high low styled items to wear

So, Dorkly videos reminded me of Sonic. I never played any of his games 'cos SEGA systems weren't among my interests in the years the first game came out (1991, I was in full-blown existential crisis mode back then, had lots of stuff to think about except gaming consoles), but still, of course knew the character and might have even tried out his first game sometime back then, in shops showcasing the relevant consoles. I've been wondering whether some kind of lifeform could effectively be somehow "tuned" to run that fast, but then wondered how effectively fast did the famous character run, and found it was... greatly exhaggerated. Taking the first game's first level for reference (Green Hill Zone), been taking a 0.25x slow-mo of a youtube video and started measuring stuff to get a quick idea of the actual speed at which the main character was moving. Turns out... relatively fast in human terms, but not that fast at all among the realm of organic lifeforms. Been asking wiki answers how tall Sonic is supposed to be, and that turned out to be 1.1 meters. Scaling the landscape and clocking 1/4 speed movement through the pair of palm trees in the screenshot at about 0.8 seconds, found out the actual speed was close to 40 Kph. Usain Bolt would beat that in a sprint, although we can assume Sonic would be faster in reaching top speed, so it'd be a close call. Still, certainly slower than your house cat, who can sprint to 60 Kph if provoked. white colored and high low styled items to wear